Just Friends

You stepped into my heart
And beautified it with soulful bliss
You are my dream,
You are my only wish

The way you trust
The way you care,
Were we “just friends”?
Or something more.

I remember the last time we met
I was going to tell you that ‘l love you’
But believe me,I was afraid
That we will lose our friendship,too.

Within the blink of eyes
My journey came to an end
The life passed
But we remained’just friends’

Nothing exists there
That can keep us apart
Because I love you
From all my soul and heart

The journey was short
And mine was shorter even
But don’t worry my dear
I am still waiting for you at
‘Gate of heaven’

A post by Kunal Sharad Ingale.


अबोल प्रेम

ह्या आहे मझ्या सासू. माझ्या आयुष्यातल्या डायन. लहान – लहान गोष्टीच, करतात महाभारत – रामायण.

नाक त्यांचे टुम्म, डोळे त्यांचे घारे                          भीती वाटते मला, कुणीतरी वाचवा रे !

वय झले त्यांचे, तरी एवढ्या मतकतात                    जणू स्वतःला हेमा मालिनीचं समझतात.

मझ्या संसारात व आयुष्यात, नेहमी टाकतात त्या आपले नाक.पन्नाशी पार करूनही एवढा आहे त्यांचा धाक.

नँदेच माझ्या करतात मोठ कौतुक ,                         तिला कोणी बोललं तर होतात त्या भावुक,

पोरांच्याबाबतीत वागतात थोड वेगळी, पोराची बाजू घेतली तर दुणियाच पलतेल सगळी.

विचार असे त्यँचाबद्दल, पूर्वी मी करत होते             कळत – नकळत मोठी चूक करत होते.

मुखावर जरी नसेल तरी त्यांच्या मनात आहे माझ्यासाठी भरभरून प्रेम,                                                जेव्हा कुणी त्यांचा सुनबाईला बोलतात त्यावर सधतात त्या ज़ोरदार नेम.

”वाट बघते मी त्या क्षणाची ”जेव्हा द्याल तुम्ही मला प्रेमाची हाक गं सुनबाई,                                       मिठीत घेईल तुम्हाला आणि तो क्षण तिथेच थाम्बवणार मी आई .

A post by Kunal Sharad Ingale.


Mom is such, a special word the loveliest one,                                             I have ever heard.

You are gardner of my heart who had grown Garden,                                        on your head by taking a large burden.

Heart of mother is a fairyland,          it’s not easy for anyone to understand.                                        Mom is one in your heart,                who sows good Seeds,                          for turning towards Sunshine which really needs.

In your heart there are valuable things,                                                  which in others I never seen.

Heart of mother is a wall on which all morals and teachings are installed.

You taught me the game of life how to play                                                          To reach the success this was the way.   

For mine you have sacrificed your career,                                                         this inspires me to remove the barriers.

You did not supported such more,     because you wanted me to stand on floor.  

You encouraged me to fight with winds and rain,                              Because of which now all this I gain.

You taught me how to deal with ups and downs,                                              For such a valuable thing my head I bown.

You done all these things without any greed of any reward.                              This indicates you as “Child of God”.

Mom, I don’t know how you deal with such a wonder boy,                              but for this, thanks in a sly. 

Mother is a sea which never ends while showing love which easily bends.

You are Legend Of My Life,                  As you have taught me to fight with failure by knife.

Mother is a vision, for one who is as blind as mole,                                      This thing shows sweetness of mother’s soul.

A poem by……                                      KUNAL SHARAD INGALE.